Troy, Oregon

Our latest project features a beautiful house in Troy, OR overlooking the Grande Ronde River. The Property features a large garden, barn, and nearby cabin and of course an amazing view! Click below to see the full project in our portfolio!

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Coming Soon, Precision Agriculture!

Coming spring of 2018 SkyFrame Imaging will be launching its new Precision Agriculture Service. Monitor Crop health throughout the growing season using multispectral imaging equipment to generate advanced crop health index maps for precise analytics.

This highly actionable data can help improve yields and provide early detection for potential problem areas before they get out of control. To learn more about this service ahead of time please contact us today. Stay tuned and look for the Precision Agriculture option under Services in the header menu!


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Construction Progress Documentation

SkyFrame Imaging is proud to announce Construction site progress documentation as part of it’s services. Highly accurate repeatable flight plans allow us to capture images from multiple locations on a site from the same position each time it’s flown, giving you the ability to monitor progress more easily. Use high resolution video (up to 4K!) to document progress from above. For large projects add an orthomosaic map for site plan overlays and enhanced monitoring.  To learn more and view sample images and video check out our Construction Services Page! Click Below!

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Newest Member of the Fleet!

20 megapixel camera, up to 30 minutes of flight time, 4K video at 60 fps, obstacle avoidance, and multiple automated flight features, What’s not to like? To learn more about it click below to access our Equipment Page!

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Remote Site? No Problem.

Have a remote property that needs photographed? We can do that. Take a look at our latest completed project in Golconda, NV and find out how the drone was useful for more than just great photos.

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Take a Look at our Latest Real Estate Shoot!

This Piece of property is located in Stanfield, Oregon, a little more than 140 miles from Joseph. It was perfect weather for a December shoot! It was a pleasure working with The Rian Group on this project and we hope to do so again in the future. To see the video and photos from the shoot click below to go to the portfolio.

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If you want to know more about The Rian Group click their logo below to go to their site.


SkyFrame Imaging is happy to announce that it is now part of the community! As a disclaimer I will start by saying that I am not paid by for anything. SkyFrame Imaging uses their platform to connect with potential clients. We are simply grateful for the service they provide.

What is  Well, The platform allows local drone pilots to connect with clients through their site. It’s very helpful for clients to find pilots who offer drone services of all kind. And, if you’re a pilot looking for drone work, you can check out their site to find potential jobs in your area once you’ve been approved.

After joining we found a client in less than week in our area who hired us for a real estate shoot. Pilots receive notifications if jobs become available matching their preferred criteria and locations automatically. Without this service we would have otherwise missed this opportunity. For professional pilots It’s a good way to extend your reach in the drone world to other potential clients both inside and outside of your local markets.

To be accepted by as a drone service provider, you need to be commercially licensed either with a 333 Exemption or a Part 107 certificate. This guarantees that all pilots are authorized to provide services for payment. This also helps clients to find certified pilots who (hopefully) understand the rules and regulations of operating a UAV, which is extremely important when hiring any Drone Operator.

I would highly recommend at least taking a look at their site if you’re a pilot or someone who is looking for drone services. We would like to say thank you to for letting us join their community and to everyone else who supports the safe and productive growth of this industry. Thank you!

Happy flying!

⇒ Check out the site.



UAS Tower Inspector Certification

∗Photo courtesy of Technical Rescue Systems

As of November 1, 2017 SkyFrame Imaging is officially recognized as a certified Drone (UAS) Tower Inspector by Technical Rescue Systems in compliance with the guidelines set forth by NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors). In conjunction with this certification we also received an Authorized Tower Climber certification that complies with  OSHA 1910.268 – 1926.502, ANSI Z359 – Z490, and NATE standards.

This 16 hour intensive course took place in Fort Collins, Colorado where members of the SkyFrame Imaging team had the opportunity to perform a drone tower inspection and practice an actual climb of the tower. This course enlightened us to many of the facets of the tower industry including the procedures and safety involved with tower audits and inspections from both a climber’s and a drone operator’s perspective. With the completion of this course we are very pleased to be able to officially offer this service.

We would like to give a special thanks to Steve and Susanne Fleming at Technical Rescue Systems who provided us with this incredible opportunity as well as their time and hospitality. Thank you very much! We are proud to call ourselves graduates of your program!